Closure is powerful.

In a romantic sense it is a feeling reached by both souls of no longer having unfinished business.

It is an ending, and yet a beginning.

I’m a very spiritual being and love being in tune with energy and the energies of romantic partners.

For me once I have a romantic partner with a deep soul connection, it’s hard for me to not feel that energy, even with months or years down the line. I can still sense what emotions they are experiencing or if they are experiencing changes in their life.

Closure is an important process.

Communication is key, along with emotional intelligence, understanding, respect and unconditional love. Loving someone means you want the best for them, even if that means not being with you (sorry I know that one can hurt).

Being able to reach a place of acceptance, possibly friendship and loving each other from afar, honours that soul connection and the experience that was shared. Forgiveness may also be a process that comes up and can lift a huge weight off the shoulders for both parties.

Time does heal. This can take as short or as long as you like. Allowing yourself the healing space to process hurts that you are holding onto, uncertainties and gaining your own sense of meaning from the experience. The certainty in life is that we are all here to have experiences.

It is also the process of releasing the hold on each other’s soul and sends the message to your body of celebration, confirmation and appreciation of what has been and the valued memories shared together.

Reaching the space of closure is such a freeing feeling. It feels open, grounded and content. Giving you the freedom to open up and welcome new experiences.

Being caterpillars, joining in the cocoon and releasing each other as the butterflies.

Big love,

Energy Storage: Lower Tan Tien

Energy Storage: Lower Tan Tien

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