How to Connect with your Cervix

How to Connect with your Cervix

Connecting with your cervix is one of the most empowering practices that you can do as a woman and it helps you along your journey of complete and total self-love. Fall in love with yourself girl!

It is the Chinese medicine belief that a woman’s cervix is related and connected to her heart and I love this!!

There is a lot of information around your cervix being connected to your heart centre. Women can hold a hell of a lot of emotions in our cervix. A woman’s positive charge is her heart also, so it’s important we look after her.

If the energy in the cervix is stagnant it can lead to hatred, heart shutdown and disconnection from the world, giving up on hope, sex, life and being mean to others and yourself.

When the energy is free flowing it allows you to experience love, joy and compassion. 

Through intention, focus and gentle effort you can work to release any long held emotion, pain and tension in the cervix. 

To connect with your cervix first get to know her. Look at her. This may be a little difficult on your own. There are companies that sell at home self-examination kits such as The Beautiful Cervix Project (I don’t have any affiliations with them, just straight out love their work!).

You could also take in a little hand held mirror into your next Gynaecologist or Pap smear appointment. I’m sure they would be more than happy to show you. It is your body at the end of the day!

Another beautiful exercise is connecting with her through touch and massage. The use of a dildo is the easiest but it can also be done with your Jade Egg, a partners fingers or a penis. (A little too difficult to do with your own fingers). This practice supports the Jade Egg exercises in my eBook Jade Egg: The Beginner's Guide (sign up below for your FREE copy) in helping you to connect with your cervix and will enhance each exercise greatly.

Massage the area very gently, allowing whatever emotion to arise and if you feel tenderness and pain, allow that to come up also. Send your breath to this area and focus on releasing this pain and tension through breath and relaxation. A slight gentle massage with the end of the dildo will help also. For example: Inhale focusing on the area that has pain and tension whilst gently massaging, then exhale release and relax, letting this tension melt away.

But first of all the most important step is that you create a safe space for yourself. There can be long held emotion in your cervix and doing this exercise requires the knowledge that you can be safe, grounded and held throughout it, coming back to a place of safety should you need to. Whether that safe place be somewhere inside your body or an external means.

Your cervix is magical, it’s role in our bodies as women holds such strength, power, delicateness and softness all in one.

She is divine, you are divine. 

My biggest hope is that you fall in love with yourself.


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