Rituals Are Bringing Sexy Back!

Rituals Are Bringing Sexy Back!

Rituals are so important for body, mind and spirit and it can definitely bring sexy back! I’m not talking spells, séances and hockey pockey business…unless that’s your thing, that’s cool you do you boo! Rituals are great habits, practices and behaviours that are a positive action for you. Yes all for you! Committing to a practice can help with your overall health and your being-ness. It’s filling your cup up first to keep that engine going. Deepening the connection within yourself so you have that electric alive feeling that we all want to harness and keep buzzing throughout the day. It’s that weird little secret behaviour that we have for ourselves that give us a little kick to make us feel good. It can be anything from dancing naked in the mirror, rapping the best old school beats of Salt’n’Pepa into your hairbrush (I know you’ve done that one at least once!), having a little word to yourself in the shower “You’ve got this girl!” or allocating time out for practices such as meditation, yoga and personal development doings.

Having rituals in your life can make your life so much more pleasurable. Pleasure is why we do things in this life. We are all striving for pleasure and our desires in one way or another. The biggest question in our life is “What do I want?” Your wants and desires can also help to answer the question I see coming up over and over again from my amazing badass clients, “Who am I?”

Today commit to having a ritual for yourself. Start with setting an intention with how you want to feel. Do I want to feel sexy, peaceful, electric, content, orgasmic, a badass woman who owns it…Hollaaaaa! Remember, it’s the approach and intent to the practice. Do your everyday activities; just give it a different intention. It can be in the simplest form for even the busiest of women. A great example is putting your make up on and telling yourself how amazing you are and how you are going to kill it today, or maybe you are telling yourself just one step at a time baby. You were going to put your make up on anyway, try changing it up and do it for you.

Ideas for rituals for any schedule:

♀︎ Dancing naked in the mirror

♀︎ Sending loving kisses to all your limbs and thanking them when putting on your body lotion

♀︎ Self-pleasuring/masturbation (the highest form of self love!)

♀︎ Imagining all the energies from the day washing off you in the shower and going down the drain for you to be cleansed and refreshed

♀︎ Imagining yourself with a protective Wonder Woman shield, shielding yourself from words and opinions of others, cause ain’t no one bringing you down!

♀︎ Giving yourself a breast massage

♀︎ Jade Egg practices

♀︎ Meditation-there’s really no rules when it comes to meditation, find something that you enjoy

♀︎ Setting yourself up a sacred space for practices

♀︎ Burning white sage for cleansing

♀︎ Journaling

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