Lack of Sexual Desire?

Lack of Sexual Desire?

Here’s my hints, tips and advice if you feel like you are lacking sexual desire.

I’ve been approached a lot lately from women wanting to know how to increase their sexual desire or telling me they have none whatsoever.

I get it girls. Life is happening.

We’re the most stressed, we’re working our butts off, we have so many hats to wear and roles that we play out in our day to day lives.

The first thing to go is our sexual desire.

I’ve broken this down into 3 aspects to help you.

  1. Mindset

What expectations are you placing on your body?

What pressure are you placing onto your body?

Understanding that your body, goals and sexual desire goes through seasons. (See my post on seasons of life.)

Autumn is shedding of the old. What didn’t occur for us, letting go of the old, what’s no longer good or right for us and releasing.

Winter is the most important season. This is where it feels like nothing is happening and where we are the most hardest on ourselves. This is the time to relax, reflect, rejuvenate and to completely nurture ourselves. This is where we put the most pressure on our sexual desires. Take the pressure off and nurture your body instead.

Spring brings a sense of possibility. Newness and freshness. Stagnant energy starts to flow and desire starts to build. We are more in our bodies and noticing sensations and what she wants.

Summer is full manifestation. Our body is delivering exactly what we want. Orgasms may be happening, goals being achieved, you feel unstoppable! Unfortunately we have become so summer obsessed as a society that we are ridding ourselves and robbing ourselves of the process.

Give yourself PERMISSION and ALLOW whatever comes up to be there with loving presence.

Ask yourself. Are you desiring yourself?

We’re in charge of our own turn on and we are responsible for our own orgasm.

Bringing your desires back inside of your Self. This means understanding you deserve to feel desire and desired, and bringing your own flavour to that. What turns you on internally, rather than placing your turn on externally.

2. Physical

What are you putting inside of your body?

It’s no secret alcohol, drugs and crappy foods aren’t great for your body.

Maybe in the moment it might feel like drugs and alcohol is a libido enhancer but over time this is dampening the energy of what your body is trying to give you and plays havoc on the natural process. As well as artificial hormones or any kind of body enhancers.

Stacey Foat is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Hormone Specialist. She’s also my business partner and cousin. She’s crazy knowledgable and passionate about Women’s Hormones and lives by BALANCE hence her business is Balanced Babes . Give her a shout if you are wanting to look deeper into your hormones.

We also teamed up and brought you DESIRE ME - Women’s Ayuverdic Sexual Tonic to have you feeling rejuvenated, assist with your hormones and ignite the desire within.

I drink this because I am an overachiever and like to over do it at times. It helps me to get back into my body, helps with those depleted feelings and gets me oh so flirty!

Train your body.

I use the analogy of sport in relation to your sexual desire.

Professional athletes train their body in order to have their body perform at it’s peak in the game.

Same goes for your sexual desire.

We put so much strain on our bodies, not using the right fuel, crazy amounts of stress and pressure and then we expect our body to just perform with great big results without having any form of training or practice beforehand.

Then we are so hard on ourselves thereafter for it not giving us what we want.

Getting to know what your body gives you.

This means stopping and taking notice of the little sensations and not discounting them because they aren’t huge big explosions. Allowing whatever your body delivers to you, whether it be a slight sensation or nothing at all, to be there with no judgement.

3. Exercises


If you find yourself experiencing trauma, overwhelming emotions and blockages coming up that you want to move through, book in a session with me here. We do a body talk session where we uncover where your blockages lie and what your body needs to move through these. I hold space for you with this process.

Breast massage.

Breast massage is an amazing self-loving tool for women.

Download your FREE Breast Massage PDF here .

Commit to a Breast Massage practice and watch the energy and relationship to yourself change. Watch the energy in your relationship change. Watch the way in which you operate in the world change. It is magic!

Stagnant energy has a swamp-like feel. It’s dense, it’s stuck, it’s heavy.

Flowing energy is fresh, moving, alive.

Create your own self-pleasure practice and make it look how you want it to. Maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s massaging your body all over; whatever ignites you inside.

What fills your cup up and have that as your self-pleasure practice.

Living an orgasmic life - ignite your senses.

Bring a curiosity into each of your senses. TOUCH like your touching yourself for the first time. TASTE your coffee like you are tasting it for the first time. SEE colours around you like you are seeing them for the first time. HEAR the birds chirping like you are for the first time. SMELL your perfume like you are wearing it for the first time.

This action and intention brings a sense of excitement into your life and brings a beautiful intention into actions that you are already doing.

Why not make them more enjoyable?

I hope this helps to bring a flavour of sexual desire into your life and you lift the pressure off of how things “should be”, which is a swear word in my books!

Big love to you,

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