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Every session that I’ve had with Emma I’ve left feeling empowered, knowledgable and bad ass!




"When I met Emma, she had a contagious confidence and spark that magnetised me to her. I knew she had the answers I was seeking. Her coaching has made such a difference in my life. She is my “clarity guru” in business, and my “confidence guru” in love. She has a quality of presence that is deeply healing, I can feel how much she cares about my journey. Emma has a way of inspiring me to see my own depth of magnificence, priceless."





"Emma and I have been working together for a couple of months now and already she’s taught me ways to manage/ease my anxiety and panic attacks. It’s made a huge improvement already to my everyday life. We’ve also work on goal setting, mind and body connection, self talk and journaling. As we continue with sessions I can feel myself being more open to the process and letting someone help me. In sessions I always feel supported and free to be able to say anything I want to say or do anything I want to do with no judgement from Emma what so ever. The thing I like most about working with Emma is that I feel safe, supported and not judged about anything that might come up in a session. Her down to earth manner and approach to her work might be different to any other professionals I’ve seen before but she’s the only person I worked with who I feel I’ve gotten results with. Unlike others I’ve worked with in the past I feel like Emma really listens to me and goes above and beyond to ensure I’m supported and comfortable to be my true self no matter how crazy that might be."

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sharon hoffman/sensuality & empowerment coach -

"Emma's personality, presence and love for life is infectious! She brings so much energy, love and genuine care into her sessions. You instantly feel her passion and commitment to you as a client. I feel incredibly nourished by her wisdom and connection to herself as a sensual and confident woman. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else to help me step into my self worth and confidence as a woman"




"Emma, you've been absolutely amazing to work with. I honestly didn't think it was possible to get back in touch with my femininity and feel sexy in my own skin again. Every session that I've had with you I've left feeling empowered, knowledgable and bad ass! And even though I've still got more to overcome on this journey, I have no doubt I will get there with all the tools and knowledge you have imparted on me. I know I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without your help! Your patience, generosity and ability to create a safe space is unlike any other coach and I couldn't recommend you enough. Not only have you inspired my curiosity, but you've been so supportive (both during sessions and following) and it's been an absolute pleasure to learn from you. Thank you Emma - truly :)"


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