Jade Egg

Jade Egg


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What is the Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg is 100% genuine and natural Nephrite Jade. The most pure and dense form available. The Nephrite is formed under intense heat and pressure making it super durable and the safest to be used internally.

Why use the Jade Egg?

It is the perfect all rounder. Women use this egg to help heal, strengthen and improve their physical and emotional ailments. Practices using the Jade Egg help to awaken a woman’s sexual energy and help her to move stagnant energy held and integrate forming a beautiful relationship with her body. It is a holistic approach to your sexuality. It’s like yoga for your vagina!

What are some reported physical benefits?

♀︎ Improved lubrication

♀︎ Help with chronic thrush and yeast infections

♀︎ Improved vaginal atrophy

♀︎ Reduction in pain/Vulvodynia

♀︎ Increased sensitivity counteracting numbness

♀︎ Healing after birth wounding

♀︎ Improved prolapse

♀︎ Increased libido

♀︎ Improvement in orgasms

♀︎ Improvement with painful periods

What are some reported emotional benefits?

♀︎ Deeper connection within yourself

♀︎ Becoming more in tune with your body

♀︎ Self-love and body love!

♀︎ Increased bliss, happiness and mojo

♀︎ Can improve the feelings of depression

♀︎ Energy booster

♀︎ Feeling sexier in your own skin

When can’t I use the egg?

Do not use when pregnant.

Do not use during a yeast infection or STI outbreak. The Jade Egg can improve these symptoms outside of the outbreak.

Using the egg when menstruating is a personal choice, the practices can still be completed without inserting the egg.

*N.B. Please consult a medical professional should you have any concerns around this.

History of the Jade Egg

It is linked to ancient Taoism from 400BC. Yes, it’s been around for thousands and thousands of years!


100% natural Nephrite Jade

Size Medium (43mm x 30mm/1.7inch x 1.2inch)

Horizontal drilled hole for string usage.

No Returns after the product has been received.